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Policy Statement

This event is being organised by a local committee of musicians and jazz fans.

Our aim is to promote jazz on the Isle of Wight. Members of the committee will not receive any financial reward. Inspected accounts will be made available on request.

The committee will cover the cost of the main venues and headline acts. This will be funded by sponsorship, ticket sales and other fund-raising activities.

Any subsequent profits will go towards funding future events.

We will encourage other performances during the period. However, we will not act as agents. It will be the responsibility of the performers and venues to negotiate between themselves.

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The Gramophone Party

30 May 2015

The Band
J C Grimshaw - Guitar, Banjolali, Mandolin, Dobro, Vocals
Angelina Grimshaw - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Armfield - Bass, Musical Saw, Vocals
Richard "Spats" White - Woodwind, Vocals
Rupert Brown - Drums


The Set List

  1. ?
  2. Flick of a diamond
  3. Hawaian tango
  4. Lady be good
  5. ?
  6. St Louis blues
  7. Diddy wah diddy (Blind Blake)
  8. I'm shaking like a leaf on a tree
  9. Mood indigo (Paul on saw)
  10. Alexander's rag time band
  11. When I take my sugar to tea
  12. ?
  13. Cake walking babies from home
  14. The farewell blues
  15. The Millenberg joys


Can there be a better way to start a Saturday than with the good time music of the 1920's and 1930's performed by the island's very own Gramaphone Party?

Put together in 2006 to for an album project to capture the spirit of some of the early recordings a performance by the ensemble is always a treat.

Fronted by multi-instrumentalist J C Grimshaw and sister Angelina the audience were treated to a lively set with numbers as diverse as Blind Blake's Diddy wah diddy through to Alexander's rag time band by the way of Paul Armfield forsakinghis bass for saw and bow for his own personal interpretation of Mood indigo.

With Richgard "Spats" White on clarinet and Rupert brown on drums this was a magnificen start to a full Saturday of music for the third day of the Newport Jazz Weekend.


Ian Mitchell
Available to be used with permission to promote Newport Jazz Weekend

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